Let's start here.

What is ADHD coaching?

An ADHD coach is a trusted professional with whom you have a  one-on-one relationship that provides a supportive and non-judgmental space to help you achieve what you want for yourself and your family.  A coach can help you strategize and acquire the tools you need to achieve your goals by working with you to identify and reframe your thoughts and attitudes. And for families living with ADHD, coaching can help identify especially challenging habits or routines, as well as areas of strength, and work with you to take action to achieve your goals.

Do I really need a coach?  Can't I just do it by myself?

Coaching can offer you an objective viewpoint from someone who may have experienced many of the same challenges.   A coach offers an unbiased perspective, and can help you identify patterns and habits that you have simply taken for granted.  A coach will also support you when you are ready to move forward on issues that you have identified and committed to change.  Why wouldn't you consider working towards your goals an improving your life with the support that you need for success?

Living with ADHD can be hard.  A coach to help you plan, navigate and reach your goals can help!