Living with ADHD can be hard.

Living in a family impacted by ADHD can challenge anyone and make even the simplest tasks seem unachievable.  How would your life change if you could reach goals you've always wanted? How does your family dynamic affect your choices and decisions?  How can you balance your needs, and those of your family, to reach your goals? By seeking guidance -and ADHD-Solutions- you are one step closer to answering those questions.

As an ADHD coach with specialty training in families affected by ADHD, my goals are to:

  • reassure you that you're not alone
  • guide you through the process of diagnosis
  • educate you on the specifics of ADHD
  • refer you to the right specialists
  • link you to a community
  • ensure that appropriate supports are in place in the school system
  • help you create a structure that meets the specific needs of your family

And as a coach I will provide support for the unique needs of you and your family each living with ADHD, and guidance for transforming the challenges that stand in the way of your family functioning at optimal levels. Whether you come to coaching for help achieving a specific goal or seeking to enhance how your family functions, I can help you get there!

Contact me today to get started.